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Poseidon's technical upgrade for the MKVI Rebreather 
we are proud to announce that the first step has been achieved in accordance to plan - the firmware version 48 is equipped with the latest sensor calibration and validation algorithms, these will enhance detection of eroneous sensor behavior for all MKVI customers, regardless of ambient temperatures. It is very well worth mentioning that no other rebreather on the market has a system as sophisticated as the MKVI to determine whether a sensor is reliable or not. This is achieved through the patented O2 sensor calibration and validation routines. The new firmware is available for download at our MKVI support page. 
A long with a simple battery change will allow you to upgrade your standard Poseidon MKVI. The 40M Yellow Battery allows dives to 40 metres with decompression. The 48M Blue Battery allows dives to 48 metres with decompression and also allows the use of trimix 
The firmware upgrade gives customers, who have purchased one of the decompression enabled batteries, access to the already implemented decompression module and explore its full capability. This means that the MKVI is now ready for technical diving. Explore the decompression upgrade functionality by browsing through the deco manual appendix . 
Together with the release of firmware, we are very excited to announce that a new version of the manual has been released. 
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