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Chamber Awareness Specialty Course 
Dry diving is a fun and safe way to experience nitrogen narcosis at 40m for the first time. A recompression chamber is the perfect environment to test a diver’s ability at depth and simulate the diving experience in a safe and water-free environment. Tasks are performed by the divers to test the level of their impairment caused by narcosis. 
A diving accident can result from a diver’s inability to handle nitrogen narcosis. If a new diver experiences nitrogen narcosis then they can panic and risk Decompression illness caused by a diving accident. A dry dive in our recompression chamber can prepare a diver mentally for what can happen underwater. 
Dry diving is also designed to familiarise divers to the hyperbaric facilities available, the procedures, knowledge, problems and hazards associated with a recompression chamber. 
Dry dives are open to any interested qualified diver, dive club and professionals. Dry dives are run as a chamber awareness specialty course, however it is up to each diver whether they wish to receive the PADI certification at an extra cost (see below for full course details) 
Please take a look at the recent dry dive we did at London Hyperbaric wipps Cross to give you an idea of what to expect: 
Prerequisite certification: Open water Diver  
(or equivalent certification with another organisation). 
Minimum age requirement: 16 years of age. 
A completed RSTC medical statement form or in date certificate of fitness to dive signed by a doctor* 
* If you answer ‘YES’ to any question on the form you must provide an indate certificate of fitness to dive. It may not be possible to provide a diving medical for you on the day of your dry dive so if you have any questions regarding your fitness to dive or the form please call us for advice well in advance 
Proof of Qualification. 
Divers Logbook. 
Computers/Depth gauges may be taken on the chamber dive in a bucket of water. 
The course lasts 3-4 hours. 
There will be a chamber dive to 40 metres, this will involve a small test at depth. After the dive there will be a DCI presentation, and a tour of the facility. On successful completion of the course a PADI Recompression Chamber Awareness Distinctive Specialty certification card is awarded to those who have selected that option. 
Dry-Dives will be undertaken in a modern computer assisted multiplace Therapy Chamber. Model Draeger Hypermed 220. 
The cost of the course is £40, with an additional charge of £25 for those who wish to receive the PADI specialty certification. 
The full amount must be paid in advance to reserve your booking. There is a full refund if we have to cancel the course due to an incoming emergency. 
For more infomation call the shop 01279 466011 
How to Book 
Booking a course with Planet Scuba couldn't be more straight forward, there are three simple steps to follow: 
• Phone us to check the availibility of the course that you have chosen, and the dates you wish to attend. 
• Download and complete the booking form, and return to us by post. 
• Download and complete the medical declaration form, and return to us by post. 
Please click on the icons on the right to download a PDF copy of our booking and medical declaration forms. 
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