Apeks has served divers. The explorers, adventurers, the special breed of people who push their boundaries in the most demanding dive environments. Those freezing mornings, the fog of warm breath hitting cold air. Divers descending into the depths, trusting their lives to equipment that is built to last.

The British brand is well known for its commitment to crafting gear that can withstand the harshest diving environments, all while keeping a keen eye on their environmental impact. Their zero-waste policies and solar-powered production resonate with many divers who share the same values.

Apeks’ UK-made-high-performance regulators that continually attempt to redefine industry standards are a favourite for divers worldwide.

Before any product hits the market, Apeks subjects their prototypes to rigorous stress tests, ensuring they can handle the deep-sea pressures and temperatures. Only after meeting strict quality criteria and thorough inspection do they move forward with production.

Apeks’ regulators are renowned for their reliability and performance, a result of the team’s unwavering dedication to diving and commitment to excellence. Behind each innovation is a dedicated team of professionals - engineers, designers, skilled craftsmen and marketers - who create equipment that stands up to the challenges of the deep. Offering security and performance in the challenging underwater environment.

1974 - Apeks was born, the name a perfect acronym of the initials of the partnership between, Ken Smith Ainscough and Eric Parting Ton.

1979 - The pivotal launch of the Manta 5000 regulator.

The 80s & 90s - Business flourished and Apeks solidified its place on the scuba map as well as, dabbling into technical diving, layering the foundation for the Apeks brand we recognise today.

1993 - First commercially dry sealed reg.

1995 - A crucial time the TX50 recognised scientifically as the best regulator in the world. With features never seen before, the TX50 was the first regulator in the world accredited with the EN250 European standard for cold water performance, years before it became a legal requirement.

1995 - Apeks constructed a purpose-built factory with state-of-the-art manufacturing and test equipment and an ANSTI breathing simulator to finely tune regulators during the design phase, making sure every detail was safe and reliable at depth.

1997 - Apeks joined the Aqualung family, further solidifying their position in the industry. This partnership allowed them to continue their pursuit of innovation and excellence.

2014 - Apeks leads the industry’s efforts in fighting climate change becoming the first solar-powered regulator manufacturing plant in the world and developing better, more environmentally conscious ways of making products.

2016 - MTX-R, designed to meet the needs of military divers, but for the recreational market. The TX in its name pays homage to its tec extreme capabilities showcasing Apeks’ commitment to pushing boundaries.

2022 - Apeks XL4 OCEA their most environmentally sustainable regulator to date. This innovative creation incorporates eco brass, bio-based renewable resources and recycled post-consumer water, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to sustainability.

2024 - Apeks' 50th anniversary, celebrating with the limited edition MTX-RC!

Reliable, proven, rugged, safe, trusted by divers across the world #WeAreApeks