Scubapro, a renowned brand in the world of diving equipment, was established in 1963 by Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin. With a focus on creating gear that caters to the needs of divers, Scubapro has become an iconic name in the industry. By combining advanced technologies with intuitive and sophisticated designs, Scubapro allows divers to fully immerse themselves in their underwater adventures without worrying about their equipment.

From recreational diving to technical diving, Scubapro offers a wide range of top-notch products. Their regulators, computers, BCDS, and other equipment are industry-leading, ensuring divers have the best equipment at their disposal.

Scubapro’s tagline is “Deep Down You Want The Best”. Here are some key innovations in the company's history.

In 1963 Scubapro released the MK2, a piston 1st stage that set a new standard in airflow and reliability. The MK2 remains in production to this day, a testament to its enduring quality.

1965 - The Jet Fin was introduced, a flagship product of Scubapro. Designed to reduce drag and increase thrust, the Jet Fin remains a favourite among divers and continues to be produced.

1971 - Scubapro redefined the dive industry, releasing the first Stab Jacket, providing divers with enhanced stability underwater.

1972 - The Quick Disconnect Inflator, allowing divers to easily fill their BCDs with air from their cylinders adding convenience to their diving experience.

1974 - Buoyancy Control Pack, a comprehensive system that combined the buoyancy compensator, automatic inflator, tank, backpack, and regulator into a user-friendly system.

1979 - AIR2, integrated a regulator with the BCD inflator, simplifying the diving setup. This innovative product is still in production today, now in its 5th generation.

1981 - Super Cinch Tank Band cam action buckle system revolutionised tank security. This system, still used today, ensures a secure and reliable attachment of the tank.

1986 - Scubapro introduced the Sea Wing Fin, taking inspiration from aeroplane wings and utilising lift force instead of displacement to propel divers. Over the years, as technology advanced, the sea wing evolved into the Seawing Nova and Seawing Supernova, setting new standards for high-performance fins while ensuring comfort and minimal kicking effort.

1986 - G250 second stage is released, which quickly became one of the most imitated in the diving industry. Its performance made it a popular choice among divers.

1987 - Scubapro released the Aladin Air X dive computer, the first computer to calculate bottom time whilst measuring tank pressure with a radio transmitter instead of a hose.

1990 - The diving industry’s first Frameless Mask, which quickly became a favourite among dive professionals worldwide.

1996 - Seahawk becomes Scubapro’s first weight-integrated BCD

2007 - Galileo line of advanced wrist-mount dive computers is born. Taking divers experience to new depths.

2009 - A700 2nd stage, a full-metal package that offered effortless inhalation and easy exhalation. Its superior performance and durability made it a favourite among divers seeking optimal breathing comfort.

2015 - Patented Extended Thermal INsulating System (XTIS) along with freeze inhibiting components and coating transform the MK25 EVO into a high-performance cold water first stage. Ensuring dives could enjoy their underwater adventures even in the coldest of waters.

2017 - The HYDROS PRO, one of the most comfortable and customisable BCDs on the market, utilising modded monprene to conform to the diver's body.

2019 - Galileo HUD, places all necessary dive data at eye level, allowing for more freedom underwater.

2022 - Seawing Supernova reaches the market, a step up from the popular Seawing Nova in design, performance, fit and versatility.

2022 - Everflex YULEX, offers superior comfort and thermal protection, used in Scubapro’s line of thermal protection. The plant-based foam can withstand compression at depth and is lined with polyester made from recycled bottled and solvent-free glue.

2024 - Scubapro's 60th birthday! Celebrated with the limited edition MK25 + S620 and G3 dive computer.

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Written by: Matthew Pattinson

PADI AI, Service Technician